Race Rules

  1. No participant may compete without wearing a helmet. NO HELMET, NO RIDE!
  2. Participants must be 8 years or older on race day.
  3. All participants under the age of 18 years on race day must have an Indemnity signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  4. No iPods/mp3 players or any other audio devices are allowed including the usage of mobile devices whilst cycling.
  5. Participants must obey the instructions of the traffic officers and marshals and comply strictly with the rules of the road, save where authorized by traffic officers and marshals. Participants are to remain on the sections of the road demarcated for them. Participants may be required to stop at certain intersections on the instruction of authorized marshals.
  6. Cycling in large bunches is strictly prohibited
  7. Cyclists must ride in single file, passing on the right
  8. Road and mountain bicycles, as well as tandem bicycles, are allowed. No bicycles with attachments to improve or enhance performance will be allowed. E-bikes are not allowed.
  9. Each cyclist will be issued with a temporary timing chip that must be attached to their bicycle in order to receive an official race result.
  10. All cyclists participating in the Licensed Pros Events must have a valid Cycling South Africa (CSA) license.
  11. Random drug testing may be enforced on Race Day – any cyclists who fail a doping test will be disqualified from the event.
  12. The race organizers may, at their discretion, decline an entry.
  13. No participant may sell their race number or allow anyone else to cycle under that number.
  14. Every cyclist must at all times display his / her race number, pinned to the back of his/her shirt.
  15. Cyclists are not permitted to participate with any live animals on their bicycle or person.
  16. The race organizers reserve the right to alter the routes in accordance with safety, traffic, construction or other constraints. No protest relating to deviation will be entertained.
  17. Any reasonable medical or emergency evacuation costs will be for the cost of the cyclist.
  18. A cyclist may not participate whilst under the influence of alcohol or any drug or medication that prevents or might prevent a cyclist from properly controlling his or her bicycle.
  19. If you are entering for any person other than yourself (“third party”) then by accepting these terms and conditions and indemnity, you do so being duly authorized by the third party. In doing so you agree to indemnify the organizers and their representatives harmless against all claims.
  20. The starting point is at Waterfall Park, Mall of Africa on Sunday, 30th September 2018
  21. The race briefing will take place at the starting point 15 minutes prior to the applicable race start time


Participants undertake to participate entirely at their own risk and agree that they shall have no claim whatsoever against the organizing body, any individual organizer or marshal, assistant, helper or agent, the sponsor or any local authority or their employees, in respect of any loss or damage whatsoever which a participant may suffer, arising from any injury to person or loss or damage to property as a result of, or arising out of, whether directly or indirectly, participation in any event, including that person’s arrival thereat, or departure therefrom, and attendance at any ceremony or function thereof, howsoever such loss or damage may arise and regardless of whether or not same shall have been caused directly or indirectly by negligence, albeit gross or one or more of all the aforementioned parties.


Participants agree to abide by the rules of the Cycle4Good and confirm that she/he has read them and understands that she/he takes part in the Cycle4Good at his/her own risk and indemnifies the sponsors and/or organizers against any claim which may result from his/her participation. Participants further understand that it is his/her responsibility to be medically fit to take part in the Cycle4Good. In entering the Cycle4Good, the participant understands that the Organising Committee will take photographs of the event including participants to the event and she/he consents to such photographs being taken at the event and being used for promotional and publicity purposes at the Organising Committee’s sole discretion. The participant further understands and accepts that the photographs are and will remain the property of the sponsors and/or organizers.

View Indemnity Terms here