Waterfall City is adjacent to the Mall of Africa. It boasts one of the largest man-made urban forests. Waterfall Park has three amphitheaters, a staging area, exhibition and market space – it’s the perfect venue to host your teams and guests in corporate hospitality or just for a day of fun at the Cycle Lab Cycle4Good. Bond with your teams, family and friends as you enjoy live entertainment, food and drinks.

Mall of Africa

It’s South Africa’s largest shopping mall built in a single phase with 130 000m² retail space and over 300 shops. It’s got a vast selection of both local and international stores and there are unique court areas that make shopping navigation very easy. Mall of Africa has quickly become popular when it comes to hosting an array of events – and it’s perfect for an outdoor day of fun.

Town Square is a beautifully designed area lined with trendy restaurants that overlook Waterfall Park, allowing you to dine outside and take in the great views. There are so many reasons to visit Mall of Africa – and with such easy access and great facilities, it’s the best place to have live entertainment and food & drink vendors for The Cycle Lab Cycle4Good.